Mono is a leading name in the design, manufacture and distribution of progressing cavity pumps, grinders, screens and packaged systems, worldwide. They are able to provide a comprehensive range of solutions for the multiple application requirements of today’s industries, including water supply & wastewater, oil & gas, food & beverage, paper & pulp, chemical & pharmaceutical, mining & mineral processing and agriculture. Their experience in these industries allows for an an in-depth understanding of your needs, providing a customer focused solution.

EZstrip Family


This innovative progressing cavity pump has been specifically designed to provide a quick and easy way to disassemble, de-rag and maintain a progressing cavity pump in-situ in two and a half minutes! This eliminates the costly maintenance and down-time that servicing a progressing cavity pump can cause. The EZstrip™ transfer pump can be installed into new plants or retro-fitted into existing NOV Mono Compact C installations. No electrical disconnection is required and suction and discharge pipes remain untouched.




The sludge pump can be completely stripped down and re-built in just 15 minutes, without the need to disconnect or remove any pipe work. The sludge pump features a specifically designed feed chamber that is disconnected by removing only a few screws and allows access to the pin joint area for removal of any blockages or compressed cake. Once the rotor assembly is disconnected from the screw conveyor, the rotor and stator can be removed – all in just six minutes – remarkable by any standards! The EZstrip™ cake pump is designed with a large auger inlet and screw conveyor.




The latest addition to the EZstrip™ family is a range of grinders offering a competitive solution to solids grinding and sludge conditioning. The EZstrip™ Munchers all house the quick release access port allowing the cutter assembly to be maintained in place without removing the equipment, reducing maintenance time. 

Mono’s PC technology is ideally suited to the typically arduous applications found in the oil and gas sector, where solids-entrained multiphase fluids such as drilling muds, drill cuttings and produced waters need to be transferred with a steady flow and low shear.




Following on from the successful launch of the EZstrip Progressing Cavity (PC) pump range, NOV Mono® has incorporated the same MIP technology into its range of mine dewatering systems, providing world class innovation for its mining customers.