pump quick repair center

Pump QRC - Overhung, between bearing (single and multistage) Pump repair affairs (dismantling, Cleaning and blasting, inspection, as found & RCA reporting, maintaining and assembling). - Balancing affairs for rotors using precision balancing machine up to 3 meters length, 3ton weight and 2 meters diameter. - Alignment services in sites using high precise laser alignment machine with range shaft diameter from 25MM up to 450MM. All the above-mentioned activities can be found in our facility in Borg Elarab and support daily the various sectors in Egypt like Oil and Gas, Chemical industries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Power sectors, general industries, etc.…

mechanical seals repair center

Mechanical Seal QRC After a long history filled by success in supporting our esteemed clients in Egypt in the field of mechanical seal repair Now Our QRC is recognized for seal diamond level 2 repair by FLOWSERVE. And became your own and only destination in Egypt in the seal maintenance affairs includes the following: - Seals dismantling, Cleaning and inspection. - Seal faces repair by the most modern lapping machine in Egypt. - Seal faces inspection with the monochromatic light device which represent the most accurate and precise tool to investigate which if the faces has become almost zero roughness to be reused. - Washing and sand blasting machines are used for the metal parts refurbishment. - Air test machine is used for the cartridges seal static test according to API 682 to assure the maximum efficiency of the seal maintenance affairs done.

Reciprocating compressor valve repair

Furthermore, in 2021 Our facility in Borg Elarab became the sole service center in Egypt to be certified by a well-known brand “HOERBIGER” in the maintenance affairs related to the reciprocating compressor valves which is a very specific and unique service can not be found all over Egypt except our facility in Borg Elarab

Borg Elarab pump assembly workshop

Our facility in Borg Elarab also has the ability to supply pump units and blower units by a local fabricated base plates with the most modern ways in base plate surface machining, finishing and painting.

Borg Elarab team on site services

- Supply API 682 seal piping plans (plan 11, 12, 13 ,32,52,53,54,62) including all the required accessories like: Strainers, orifices, PGs, Flow-meters, PRVs, needle valves, check valves, gate valves, level switches and pressure switches. - Pump commissioning affairs including alignment services in sites using high precise laser alignment machine with range shaft diameter from 25MM up to 450MM and In Site inspection for the critical units and performance analysis. - Training service for the mechanical seal fundamentals, types, arrangement and seal piping plans.

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