Flowserve offers the world’s most extensive lines of ISO 13709/API 610 and ISO 2858-5199/ANSI B73.1 compliant designs along with pumps designed to ASME, nuclear, JIS and other globally recognized design standards. In addition to offering more than 100 distinct pump models, Flowserve also provides its customers unequaled engineering and technical support with the industry’s most progressive hydraulics, mechanical, materials, monitoring and diagnostics capabilities.


A leader in Pumps for Desalination

As worldwide demand for potable water continues to grow, municipalities and industries are turning increasingly to desalination. In the forefront of virtually every significant advancement in water-handling pump technology, Flowserve is the supplier of choice for thermal and membrane desalination. Flowserve offers a complete line of pumps, power recovery systems and technical support for efficient and cost-effective desalination.


1) Reverse Osmosis

  • High-Pressure Membrane Feed Pumps
  • Source Water Intake
  • Energy recovery devices

Auxiliary Services :
• Booster Pumps 
• Filter Feed 
• Filter backwash 
• Chemical dosing 
• Brine disposal
• Brine transfer 
• Product transfer

2) Multi-Stage Flash Distillation

  • Source Water Intake
  • Brine Recirculation
  • Distillate Extraction
  •  Cooling Seawater Recirculation
  • Potable Water Transfer 

3) Multi-Effect Distillation

  • Source water Intake
  • Process Water Pretreatment
  • Filter backwash
  • Feed
  • Brine transfer and disposal
  • Product and chemical transfer
  • Power generation and co-generation Source Water Intake Pumps


Source Water Intake Pumps

  • Vertical, Wet-Pit Pumps


Horizontal, Dry-Pit Pumps

Feed Pumps

Multistage, Axially split case volute Pumps

Energy Recovery Devices

Dual Work Exchange Energy Recovery (DWEER)
Energy Recovery Turbines (ERT)

Auxiliary Service Pumps

Product Water and transfer pumps

  • Horizontal overhung, foot or centerline mounted
  • Vertical in-line, single or double suction
  • Between bearings, axially split, double case
  •  Vertical turbine, single or double case
  • Radially split, multistage ring section


Chemical Cleaning and Filter Backwash Pumps

  • ANSI, ISO and DIN models
  • Metallic and non-metallic construction
  • Standard, low flow, dynamically sealed, self-priming, recessed impeller, in-line 
    and magnetically sealed.