Flowserve offers the world’s most extensive lines of ISO 13709/API 610 and ISO 2858-5199/ANSI B73.1 compliant designs along with pumps designed to ASME, nuclear, JIS and other globally recognized design standards. In addition to offering more than 100 distinct pump models, Flowserve also provides its customers unequaled engineering and technical support with the industry’s most progressive hydraulics, mechanical, materials, monitoring and diagnostics capabilities.


Special Purpose Pumps and Systems

Without question, Flowserve offers the industry most extensive line of API 610 pumps for virtually all applications in separation, conversion and treatment . further attesting to its capabilities, Flowserve has been a leader in the development of more specialized, even unique pumps for proprietary processes and advanced process technologies, these special purpose pumps include :

  • Cryogenic liquid expanders to increase LNG production.
  • Unspared process double-casing pumps for reactor charge.
  • Hydraulic power recovery turbines.
  • Reactor circulating systems for ebullated catalyst bed hydrocrackers.
  • Slurry pumps of special materials for abrasive bottoms.
  • Hydraulic decoking systems used in delayed cokers.
  • Horizontal and vertical cryogenic pumps.
  • Zirconium pumps for proprietary processes.
  • High suction pressure designs for GTL processes.


Process pumps

Flowserve hydrocarbon processing pumps comply with the latest applicable industry standards.

  • Charge feed – horizontal multistage, single or double casing.
  • Process-API, ANSI or ISO overhung process; two stage process; horizontal multistage.
  • Transfer and storage – Horizontal and vertical single or multistage.
  • Services and utility – Horizontal single or multi stages vertical turbine; vertical circulator; vertical sump.

 – Two- Stage, Between Bearing Radially Split Pumps.

 – Single- Stage, Between Bearing Radially Split Pumps.


Tank Farm, Storage and Transfer Pumps

Single and Two-Stage, Axially Split Pumps

Vertical, In-line Diffuser Pumps.


Charge and Specialty Application

Multistage, Axially Split Pumps